Matt Deighton

You may recognize Matt Deighton from his time fronting Acid Jazz heroes Mother Earth; you may remember him as Paul Weller’s guitarist in the late 90’s, or Noel Gallagher’s recommendation for who should replace him when he quit the European tour in 2000. Or maybe you don’t. For almost two decades, the man they keep calling the natural successor to Nick Drake, Davey Graham and John Martyn has been himself more of a rumour – a murmur among musicians, songwriters and diehard music lovers who proudly display his rare vinyl releases like trophies.

Matt’s is a story of genuinely great musicianship and song writing; but most of all, of the beauty and fragility of one of Britain’s greatest lost talents and how life around him has sometimes shaped a fate beyond his control; but who has come back with something more beautiful every time the storm abated.

It is impossible to imagine fans of Nick Drake and John Martyn not falling in love with him

The Sunday Times



Izzie Yardley

Izzie Yardley is a singer/songwriter whose debut self-produced singles were released in the 2020 lockdown, to great acclaim. Rooted in British songwriting traditions of the 60s/70s coffee house scene, Izzie’s songs tell stories woven into musically rich pieces, which nod to a childhood spent listening to classical, jazz, Nick Drake and Kate Bush. Live, this becomes a performance that is both bold and powerfully vulnerable.

Izzy Yardley sitting by water

Event: Saturday 17 February, 8pm

Tickets: £18 / £5 young person (aged 14-25)

NOTE: This event has been moved from 9 November 2023 and tickets for the original date are still valid


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