Trees, Tracks and Tides – 3rd May – 31st May 2024 
An Exhibition Of Paintings And Poems By Wayne Jefferson 

Dr. Wayne Jefferson was born and grew up in a small Hampshire village. He studied Fine Art – Painting at Winchester School of Art and an Art teacher’s course at Hornsey Art College. For a number of years, Wayne was Head of Art in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kingston University. He now devotes his time to his own artwork and has exhibited in a range of venues. He now lives in another small Hampshire village.

Artist’s statement: My work is very expressive in nature, in that it is bold, colourful, and full of contrasts, with rich, vibrant colours depicting the feeling and energy of the image I am painting. These current oil paintings form a series of modern, expressive landscapes and seascapes that convey my love of the countryside and coastline in the south of England and in particular, scenes in and around Hampshire and Dorset. They move away from traditional painterly translations of the landscape and into a personal response that is an interpretation of place which seeks to express the sensation and personality of the landscape. 

Painted pink trees in front of a pink and blue colourful landscape



  • Blackham Images - Photography Exhibition -  February - March 2024
    About the artist: Rob Blackham is a renowned photographer who specialises in portrait and studio work. He’s worked with some of the most recognisable names in the industry, and his portfolio of live shots is also bursting with emerging talent. The exhibition was specifically curated for the West End Centre -to include shots of some the artists that have been through the venue, alongside genres that fit the programme. 

  • OPEN EXHIBITION - 7 November 2023 – 11 January 2024 
    The West End Centre's annual Open Exhibition. Open Exhibition 2023 is a local showcase of artwork from across the community, from professional or aspiring artists and hobbyists to children and young people, all are welcome to submit work for display.


  • Artist Collective -InHale...ExHale - 3rd to 30th October 2023

    InHale... ExHale' is a collection of work from artists living in and around Hale, Weybourne and Aldershot. The covid pandemic forced us all to take time to breathe in and out and focused our attention on the absolute necessity of the breath of life.  We hope this varied collection of mixed media pieces will also offer an opportunity to pause for a moment and breathe.
  • JO HECKETT - The Split Second of Awakening  5th to 25th September

         What if I told you you belong, here on this Earth, in this galaxy? That the stars shine for you? The Earth turns for you? The moon rises for you? The grass grows           for you? This exhibition explores the relationship between the physical and the divine, the deep way humans are connected to the Living Earth. Taking you to                 outer space and inner space, via the oceans, the earth and your own body, Jo Heckett paints a path for you to feel that connectedness for yourself. See more art           works from Jo and learn about them at


  • _SPACES, with Xoanxo Cespon - 5 May to 1 July 2023. Local artist resident in Aldershot, he has been painting for over 30 years in a spontaneous style that denotes his early influences by the abstract expressionist movement. His works have been exhibited in several cities and locations since 1993, amongst them, London (Bolivar Hall, Canning House, John Jones Gallery…), Manchester (Portico Gallery, Instituto Cervantes, Manchester Airport…), Macclesfield (West Park Museum), Stockport (Howard Francis Gallery), Amsterdam (Art Hotel, Schichol Airport…), Hoofddorp, Madrid (Circulo de Bellas Artes). For more information you can visit


  • WOMEN, LIFE, FREEDOM, with Golnoosh Golestani. Golnoosh is an Iranian photographer and graphic designer who showcase a collection of images that reflect the feelings of the women in Iran, not being able to express themselves freely or dress the way they would want. Opening on International Women's Day 2023 


  • BIO GRAPH, with Tina Crawford and Darshana Vora. BIO GRAPH speaks of time and journeys through personal history in the artists' lives. 16 - Friday 27th January 2023  


  • CONVERSATIONS WITH ALDERSHOT, PHASE 2, with Susan MerrickAn intimate archive and artistic response to local lives during and coming out of the lockdowns. This work and exhibition was co-created by the Conversations with Aldershot group, Susan Merrick, Candice Camacho, Asia Mahmood, Daisy Edwards, Debbie Nobbs, Melanie Chiwera, Sameea Jonnud. Many more local people have been involved and this exhibition is a celebration of this collaboration and an opportunity to share this intimate archive with the community. This project is made possible with thanks to public funding from a National Lottery project grant from Arts Council England as well as support from Rushmoor Borough Council and the West End Centre. 


  • ART’, with Kim Riches. - 4 -28 October 2022


  • HOLD TIGHT, LET GO: 'Painting Series in Identifying Limited Beliefs’, with Christy del Fresno- 3 -30  May 2022 


  • ICE Heritage Programme, with photographer Paul Gonella and students. ‘Anemoic Rise’ 2 - 24  July 2022. The ICE Heritage project is a two-year collaboration between Hampshire Cultural Trust and Hampshire CAMHS, and is supported by National Heritage Lottery Fund and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.



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