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Unlock the Symphony in Everyday Objects: A Creative Sound Making Workshop!

Get ready to embark on a unique auditory adventure in our fun and vibrant sound-making workshop. We'll prove that musical magic can be created from the most unexpected sources. An old box and some rubber bands, drumsticks, bouncing balls, and a whole lot of imagination - these seemingly ordinary items will transform into your very own orchestra.

In just two hours, you will dive into the world of sound, exploring the creative potential of found, discarded, and repurposed everyday objects. We'll start by modifying these objects to unveil their hidden musical talents, and then, the real fun begins as we play around and craft a 15-minute performance. Parents and caregivers are invited to witness the enchanting results of our explorations.

Don't miss this opportunity to let your creativity shine through sound. Join us and let's make music out of the everyday!

Suitable for ages 8+

Tutor: Boris Allenou

Boris Allenou is a musician and creative technologist who mainly explores the limitless forms of Sound Art and Sound Ecology by investigating the social role of sonic Eco-systems surrounding us.

His research uses interactive sound installations, talks, workshops, music, radio creations and sound exploration events as mediums to reflect on, propose and conceptualize possible roles, places, meanings, interactions and aesthetics of sounds in our societies.

Session: Wednesday 14 February, 1pm-3pm

Tickets: £14 per child


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