Tuesday 1 October - 24 October 

‘ah.er.um.’ is a showcase of life’s designs, failures and unexpected revelations - and a celebration of the personal and shared bits of meaning we find along the way. Two expansive projects, by two artists, and friends over two decades, invite you to take an off-beat look at the life of human plans and recollections.  Each work takes the humble material of paper on a different journey - through photographic and sculptural practices, and participatory and personal subject matter. In the exhibition you will find ideas - ones that let in a little water - ones that are open to change - and ones that have a story to tell.


Ben Heasman
Artist and photographer Ben Heasman showcases an intimate storytelling project called ’Thumbnails’. It presents a treasure-trove of details and textures from life over the last twenty years - showing plans, failures and gradual changes of perspective. Laid out in a kaleidoscopic collection of polaroid-sized images, the project covers both personal and creative life, and documents both lived and imagined moments of significance. The viewer is invited to delve into this story as an honest and reflective account of the work of living - whatever it damn-well means.

Alec Moors
From their exhibition in Southampton City Art Gallery, the collection of Pencil sketches of Paper Sculptures (or  "Screw-ups" for short) comes to the Westie. There they will continue to explore notions of value, creation and destruction within the fun intellectual gymnastic adventures that could exist between A4 paper, an artist, a viewer and a HB pencil. 


ah er um

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Monday 4 November - Friday 13 December

Each year we open our gallery to public submissions - a truly Open Exhibition...open to all!

Whether you are an amateur, an experienced professional, or you attend one of our classes from pottery to experimental drawing, you are welcome to submit your work FREE of charge on 25 and 26 October...

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