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Widdershins Presents: Snow White Rose Red Bear Brown

Snow White and Rose Red – sisters, twins, best friends – have lived in the forest since they were Babes in the Wood.  Brought up by their hardworking Mother to be kind, caring and forest fluent... if sometimes a little over enthusiastic in their deeds!

When their quiet life is interrupted by a friendly bear a new chapter begins.  But why has the bear chosen them as playfellows?  Why is there sadness in his eyes? And who on earth is that rude little man with a ridiculously long beard that they keep bumping in to?

All questions will be untangled in this new show from the Woods of Widdershins, using puppets, storytelling, original music and a fantastical fairytale forest.

Suitable for ages 4 and up

  • Widdershins Presents: Snow White Rose Red Bear Brown

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