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Trial n' Error Productions Presents: Cyberwaste - "Immerse"

Trial n’ Error productions presents:

Cyberwaste – "Immerse"

Cyberwaste’s debut album “Immerse” comes out on the 15 February 2019, and to celebrate this - Trial n’ Error productions are hosting an evening of music in the Gallery space.

With live sets from;

I have a wide and general interest in music and sound. I like to experiment and explore both, always to capture a moment so it can be shared with another...an immersive experience. Always learning, always exploring...sometimes writing songs. I enjoy discovering music in repetition and background ambience.
I am one half of the partnership that is void_null with motion designer James Ward and i also get to play bass in the alt noise trio PRINCESS.

Synthesist,Composer,Avant-Garde, Rhythm, Ambience and Tone. The use of inventive synthesizer techniques to create evolving atmospheric, sonic assaults. Ple-rexics has been part of The Brighton (Beep collective), Newly formed (Surrey Electronic Alliance) and has played with acts such as Thomas Ragsdale (worriedaboutsatan) and Sunset Graves.

The Sleepwalker:
Trial n’ Error productions’ own Stefan with a blend of experimental electronics, immersive soundscapes and killer beats.

ESP has made it our mission to bring you Fashion Funk and put a little dance into your lives, having spent 3 years distilling Fashion Funk down to its core elements with influences coming from musical inspirations such as Daft Punk, Yasutaka Nakata, Gorilaz and Touch Sensitive and blending it with aesthetic principles such as Harajuku street fashion and Vapourwave these then combined with our own childhood memories of mid to late 90s and early 00s pop culture lead us down the path to creating what you hear today. Seeking to bring you all a fresh lifestyle filled with fun, dancing and colours its time to stop worrying about everything and get a little crazy.

Music project of Trial n’ Error productions’ own Ashlinn. Bringing adventurous female-driven electronic with infusions of Hip-hop, DnB, Dance, gothic, Soundtrack and industrial, it's always an exciting and engaging sonic experience. Expansive atmospheres take you away to other worlds one minute and a killer break beat gets you on your feet the next. Combined with live projections you will always get a spectacular show.

So come join us for a wondrous night of music! Physical copies of "Immerse" will be available on the night too! 

  • Trial n' Error Productions Presents: Cyberwaste - "Immerse"

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