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Portrait Drawing Workshop (16+)

Portrait is normally thought as difficult but it is not, the secret is to look and understand the shapes and lines in front of you as they are, forgetting about the person you are trying to draw. Once you learn how to do that and how to “control your brain” you will be able to represent anything you want. 

During this workshop you will learn how to see through the use of line, planes and colour. Working with charcoals and compressed charcoals you will learn how to use them to create line drawings, then we will move into planes, working the light and how that affects the planes and volumes on the face.
And finally (this is optional, learners can stay with charcoal if they prefer and we can introduce just a bit of colour using pastels) we will move to colour using acrylics, we will use all the techniques and processes learn at the beginning on the workshop and put them all together.

Fatima PantojaI finished her Fine Arts degree in Spain in 2007. Eight years ago she moved to the UK with the idea of improving her English and I loved it so much that she decided to stay.

She works as a Freelance artist and Art teacher in Hampshire and London, in a variety of mediums and subjects but I particularly I love drawing or painting faces and even more if I work from life, they are landscapes of the soul.

In 2017 Fatima I was one of the artists selected to produce a "Sitting with Jane" book-bench, she also reaching the heats for the televised Sky Landscape Artist of the Year competition.

  • Portrait Drawing Workshop (16+)

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