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Music Industry Day 2020: Matro Rancho

To celebrate our Music Industry Day (part of Independent Venue Week) in partnership with F4WT, we've got local Westival favourites, Matro Rancho, playing a set in the evening.

Formed after a chance meeting when working in a local venue, singer & guitarist Cullan Flanagan met bassist Jono Wright. A mutual love for late sixties/early seventies rock became immediately apparent and with the addition of drummer Jon Bray, what was to become Matro Rancho began jamming in the summer of 2017. After years of playing in bands they didn’t feel were for them, a combined love of heavy rock culminated in an authentic sound akin to that of the bands of the day. Manned with vintage equipment and not enough space in the car to carry it all, they hit the live scene almost a year later, opening the pyramid stage at the West End Centre's famous Summer Westival!

Two years on from that inaugural jam, Matro Rancho have gone from being stage openers to billed artists. They bring to their music what they feel has gone missing since the days of the Watneys party seven and towering amplifier stacks. Having already supported the likes of progressive rock legends Focus, big things are abound for this seventies-rock power trio. With an EP in the pipeline and ever improving placement on the bill, they want to bring their authentic sound to a stage near you.

There will also be music from Aching Musclethe solo project of Richard Fennings, a multi instrumentalist from the cultural capital of Surrey - Godalming. It is an instrumental concern centered on guitar based rock but incorporating elements of electronic, funk and jazz. Richard has been playing in bands since the early 00's including drumming for Doom/Sludge outfit Whiplicker. After his math rock duo Fauntleroy disbanded he caved in to his desperate need for attention and got back to guitar playing to start Aching Muscle. The debut EP - Sarcasm as Personality Substitute was released in May 2018 and remains an undiscovered classic. In 2017 AM was awarded the coveted best new discovery award from the Lounge Bar in Alton. Although due to a manufacturing error the trophy was inscribed to 'Arching Music'!

Here's what some people have said about aching muscle and it's music:

“more of a novelty than a band” - Wild eye Music
“Incredible” - The Buffalo Club
“really well crafted and preformed tunes” - Trial N’ Error

Plus Princess too!

Book your tickets to see Music Industry Day: Matro Rancho at Hampshire Cultural Trust's West End Centre, Aldershot now!

  • Music Industry Day 2020: Matro Rancho

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