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The Modular Cafe Aldershot 1st Birthday featuring HAINBACH

The Modular Cafe Aldershot is one year old! And to celebrate, we’re having a party!

Headlining our party is HAINBACH, and this will be the first time he’s played live in the UK. Hainbach will be known to most on the modular and experimental music side of things for his youtube channel - inspiring swathes of people to new techniques in making electronic music. 

Supporting Hainbach will be two UK modular acts, Finlay Shakespeare and Matths.

In addition to the main stage acts we’ll also have a second stage open where we’ll be showcasing and celebrating some of our own, home grown acts from Modcaf, including Aimee-Sophia Brown, Ian Boffin and Nigel N Powers. 

Its been a crazy year for Modcaf, and it continues to grow into an inspiring and creative community. 

Spread the word far and wide…if you like your music electronic or a little experimental, this will be a show not to miss!

Book your tickets to celebrate The Modular Cafe's 1st Birthday at Hampshire Cultural Trust's West End Centre, Aldershot now! 


  • The Modular Cafe Aldershot 1st Birthday featuring HAINBACH

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