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Meditation at Home

Join artist and meditator Barbara Touati-Evans for three guided meditation sessions, designed to ease, comfort, connect and nourish in these strange times.

Session 1: Change

Session 2: Acceptance

Session 3: Empathy

You can also access Barbara’s Introduction to Meditation FREE of charge here

Suitable for all levels, including beginners. Meditation is usually considered safe and beneficial for well-being but make sure you check with your GP if you have a long-term condition that you think could be negatively affected by meditation.


What you need: a quiet(ish) and comfortable space to sit or lie down for 15 minutes.

See also - class access information below.


Tutor: Barbara Touati-Evans

Barbara Touati-Evans is a visual artist and meditation practitioner. She has been practising meditation for 15 years and teaching it for 5 years. She likes teaching meditation as it motivates her to keep practising and learning. She is particularly interested in the effects of a regular meditation practice on the brain.


Tickets: £7.50 (for three sessions)

Book your space for the Online Class: Meditation at Home  with Hampshire Cultural Trust's West End Centre, Aldershot now!


Class access information

This class is delivered using pre-recorded audio that are available to you on demand, at a time that suits you. You will have access to these resources from the week of 18 May 2020 until 31 July 2020. If you are booking prior to the week of 18 May you will be notified via email when this content is available. If you are booking after the week of 18 May you will have access to this content straight away.

Each audio for this class is designed to be stand alone. You don’t need to complete them in any particular order. There are three audio files in total, each running for approximately 15 mins each.

To access your class content you will need a device with an internet connection and speakers – a computer, laptop, phone or tablet should do the job. The content will be hosted on a private webpage. We will email you a link to the webpage to give you access, so please make sure your email address is correct at time of booking If you have any issues accessing your class our team is on standby to help. Simply email us at West.End.Centre@hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk

 - This online class programme is a pilot - 

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