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Get Plucky (Sep-Oct 2021)

Class bookable for Get Plucky members only.  

Get Plucky is the Westy's community ukulele band. Meeting weekly to play a wide range of popular songs, the band is led by Dave Stewart. Each week you’ll learn new techniques, build on your chord knowledge, strumming and fingerpicking techniques, develop your repertoire of songs and rehearse towards gigs and performances. Get Plucky is suitable for players with some experience. 

What you need: Come armed with your own ukulele. 

Tutor: Dave Stewart 

Dave is an energetic and creative music leader and educator – specializing in the ukulele - who emphasizes the fun aspect of playing music whilst helping individuals and groups to progress and achieve their desired goals. He believes that patience and enthusiasm are the keys to inspiring others to not only improve their ukulele playing skills, but also help them to understand and enjoy how to play music within a group.  

“I just wanted to say how lucky we are to have Dave as a tutor - despite having an enormous group with a wide range of knowledge/experience, he manages to get us all to gel together, and everyone comes away from the class having learned something and, what's more important, enjoyed themselves.”- Get Plucky student. 

Tickets: £39 for six weeks 

Sessions: Six week term from Monday 13 September - Monday 18 October, 8pm - 10pm 

Book your space for Get Plucky with Hampshire Cultural Trust's West End Centre, Aldershot now! 

We are taking steps to help everyone have a safe and enjoyable time. More information is available here.

  • Get Plucky (Sep-Oct 2021)

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