Daliso did his first show Feed This Black Man 20 years ago. The jokes were mediocre, there was a rap about poverty in the middle (which was as offensive as you might imagine) and the big finale involved a sandwich on stage.

20 years later, Daliso has done the Royal Variety Performance, written and performed four series of Citizen of Nowhere on BBC Radio 4, been a Britain's Got Talent finalist, toured nationwide and abroad... all sorts of things the 22-year-old Chaponda would never have imagined possible. 

So, Feed This Black Man Again is a do-over, as the now widely-loved comic revisits the themes of that ancient debut show with the considerably enhanced comic talents that two decades' experience brings you.
Along the way he'll examine the huge differences between the way you think life will be at twenty, and the reality.

Probably no sandwich at the end this time.

Gets laughs out of topics other comedians shun

The Guardian

Brilliantly bold, thoroughly engaging and provocative

Wee Review


Event: Friday 10 May, 8:00pm
Bar open: 7:00pm
Ticket: £16

Please note this show may contain adult themes and language.

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