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CLT DRP + Support

CLT DRP are creating something genuinely exciting and refreshing something most listeners would find hard to assign to a clear genre. This is only a fact due to the three evidently knowing what they want to sound like, how to get it and revel in the pleasure of not knowing where it is going to take them from there.


Event: Friday 14 January, 8pm

Tickets: £8

Book tickets to see CLT DRP at Hampshire Cultural Trust's West End Centre, Aldershot now!

Standing. This event is on sale at full capacity. If this changes, we will be in contact with those who have booked to discuss booking changes. We are taking steps to help everyone have a safe and enjoyable time. More information is available here.

We may carry out live streaming, photography and sound recording in the venue, and your consent for this filming may be requested. Please advise venue staff if you do not wish to participate. For more information please see our venue Terms and Conditions and the Hampshire Cultural Trust Privacy Policy.

  • CLT DRP + Support

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