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Chainska Brassika

Since  their  foundation,  Chainska  Brassika  have  travelled  far  and  wide,  igniting  crowds  and  setting   countless  venues  a  light  with  their  fast  and  infectious  Ska  anthems.  The  eight-­‐piece  outfit are a  truly   unique  and  energetic  squad  of  young  South  Londoners;  presenting  a  tantalizing  blend  of  authentic  Ska   rhythms,  exquisite  brass,  and  melodic  vocals,  making  it  impossible  to  deny  your feet  a  chance  to   dance!    

Chainska  Brassika  have   performed  and  created  in  a   diverse  range  of  venues  and  spaces,  from   completing  stadium  tours  with  Madness  to  rubbing  shoulders  with  Toots  &  the  Maytals,  both in the   studio  and  at  London’s  famous  Alexandra  Palace,  the  World  Reggae  Contest  Champions  are  duly   making  a  name  for  themselves  on  a  global  level,  having  had  the  crowds  rocking  from Glastonbury  to   Notting  Hill  Carnival,  Rototom  Sunsplash  European  Reggae  Festival  in  Spain  to  Outlook  Festival  in   Croatia,  and  even  the  shores  of  Jamaica  -­‐  it’s  safe  to  say  their  headline tours are  notorious!    

Following  the  release  of  the  albums  “Skinna”  and  “Harry  J  Business”  -­‐  the  latter  produced  by  double   Grammy  Award  winning  producer  Stephen  Stewart  at  the  legendary  Harry  J  Studios  in Kingston,   Jamaica  -­‐  the  band  go  into  2019  armed  with  new  material  to  inject  yet  more  life  into  the  re-­‐emerging   Ska  scene.  First  up  will  see  a  new  single  “Calm  City”  released,  an observer’s comment  on  the  manic  city   of  London,  in  which  they  reside,  followed  by  a  live  session  to  be  recorded  for  the  BBC  at  Maida  Vale   studios.      

Chainska  Brassika  will   then  begin  to  create  their eagerly  awaited  follow-­‐up  album,   as  well  as   performing  their  trademark  live  festival  and  club  shows  across  the  UK  and  beyond.    

Chainska  Brassika  have  also  received  airplay  on  Roundhouse  Radio,  North  Herts  FM,  Nova  Radio,  Extra   Gold  Radio,  Soho  Radio,  Reel  Rebels  Radio,  Amazing  Radio,  BBC1Xtra,  BBC  Radio  1, BBC Radio  2  and   BBC  Radio  6,  championed  by  David  Rodigan  MBE.    

" They’re a brilliant band - you want to see them live. They’re incredible!"    David  Rodigan  MBE  on  BBC1Xtra  

"Chainska  is  one  of  the  most  impressive  and  promising  upcoming  acts  in  the  Reggae/Ska  genre  that  I   have  seen  or  heard  in  while."    The  Skatalites  

“…One  of  my  favourite  bands  at  the  moment,  Chainska  Brassika…they  are  terrific!”     Peter  Vrakking  on  Extra  Gold  Radio,  Netherlands    

Book your tickets to see Chainska Brassika at Hampshire Cultural Trust's West End Centre, Aldershot now!

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