Local textile artists Barbara, Ginny and Sarah are launching The Bra Project, an exciting, community collaborative project supported by the West End Centre, Aldershot.

Everyone is welcome! A free drop-in event.

Join us to discuss your relationship to this everyday item of clothing, whether you wear one yourself, love or hate them, make them or work with them, we would love to hear your stories and insights.

At the launch, as well as collecting your responses through words and drawings, we will be working on transforming some of our bras. You are welcome to bring anything bra related to share with us, whether that be a poem, a memory, or your own bra that you’d like to begin transforming. 

We are also accepting donations of old bras for the project.

This free drop-in session is the perfect place for you to connect with us and will provide a great starting point for the project, which over time, with further community collaboration, will result in an exhibition in March 2023.

Event: Wednesday 9 March, 4 - 7pm 


  • Two bra cups sit with wool in them.
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